Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Karr Alarm System

What is Karr Alarm System?
New Keyless Alarm System, easy to install and use to any type of cars.

Karr Alarm System Dealer
Southwest Dealer Services

Karr Security professional full featured auto security system is available through a network of elite auto and RV dealerships at the time a vehicle is purchased or at any later time.

Karr Security Systems offers:
■Full Featured Vehicle Security System

■Personal Protection
Keyless Convenience
■Highest Quality Products
■The Best in Customer Service
Dealer Front Load & In-House Programs
Aftermarket Training & Consultation
■3yr / 36,000 mile Warranty on Parts/ Labor
Professional Technicians
■24/7 Customer Service Support
■Possible Insurance Discount

Karr Alarm System Diagram

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